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How to build a keto charcuterie board

If you're anything like us, we can't get enough of a beautiful charcuterie board. Meat, cheese... and now our crunchy, cheesy crackers to complete it!

We teamed up with our friends over at @theboardroompleasanton to create this dreamy board and we're sharing ideas on how you can create your own low-carb version too.


More Meat, Please

Almost all deli meat and salami is low carb, so you can really pick your favorites here. We like to do a mix of prosciutto, salami and something spicy like chorizo. 


Choose the Cheese

This part is our favorite and where the real fun begins! There are so many delicious cheeses to choose from. We like to have a soft cheese like a creamy brie, a hard cheese like Asiago, and something more traditional like an aged cheddar. Again, most cheeses are low in carbs, just be sure to check the label.


image of meats, cheeses, and defy foods crackers.

Get the Crunch

This is where (up until now) most low-carb cheese boards have been lacking. Adding our Defy Foods keto crackers, really takes your board up a notch. Now you have a vessel for all those yummy meats, cheeses and dips! The crunch adds just the right element!


Add Savory Bits

While the meat, cheese and crackers are the stars of the show you, don't be shy with adding savory snacks and bites as well. Some great options are nuts, olives and pickles. Marcona almonds are super delicious, especially rosemary or truffle ones! From Kalamata to green, really any olives you like will do the trick. And lastly, cornichons or baby gherkins are good options for pickles.

They are the perfect size to put in a ramekin and grab with a toothpick for a bite or two. 


Pile on the Veggies and Fruit

Here is where if you are making a low-carb board you want to be more mindful. (Though, when we are entertaining, we also add non-keto elements for other guests to enjoy.)

For low-carb fruits, you will want to stick to berries: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. These are the lowest in sugar when it comes to fruit. 

For veggies, you can add Persian cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, sliced bell peppers and marinated artichokes. These all add a great pop of color!

If you're adding elements for the non-keto folks, grapes, figs, dried fruit and carrots are always favorites!


Do a Dip or Spread

There are some great low-carb dips and spreads that you can either buy or make. There are a few low-carb cauliflower hummus in stores now or you can make our recipe yourself.

Spinach artichoke dip or buffalo chicken dip are great options too. (Just make sure to look at the label to avoid any sneaky ingredients like sugar or starches.) You also can add a sugar-free jam or make one yourself (recipe coming soon!)


charcuterie board overhead

Grab the Garnish

If you really want to get fancy and make your charcuterie board insta-worthy, top it with some colorful garnish. You can use edible flowers, sprigs of rosemary or micro greens to add some color and visual interest. 


There you have it! A beautiful and simple charcuterie board that is a crowd-pleaser or great for a simple grazing meal at home too. 



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