Defy Foods

About Us

Hi, we’re Suzanne and Jessica. We’re best friends and busy moms to even busier eight year old girls. We are passionate about living a ketogenic lifestyle, but even more passionate about helping and empowering others. We both started keto back in 2015 and have lost over 150 pounds combined, but more than anything, we feel amazing. Back when we started there were very few convenient keto products on the market, let alone ones with high quality ingredients. Luckily, through lots of recipe testing we were able to recreate some of our favorite foods to make this way of eating even more sustainable.

In 2017, Suzanne launched her first keto guide and cookbook, Simply Keto. Even though we made a lot of amazing meals, we still missed having something crunchy and convenient, and everyone we talked to doing keto echoed the same. So we started making keto crackers at home, but with our busy schedules we really wished we could buy something like this off the shelf. That’s when we came up with the idea to launch a low-carb food line to make it easy and accessible for others to enjoy their favorite keto snacks too!

Thanks in advance for your support. We can’t wait to share these crackers with you!